The face mask adapter protects the ears when using face mask for a long time, or a short time; as the bands of the mask are subjected in the back of the head.

The material used in this product is PP (polypropilene) 500 μm in colours. It is glued with EPDM rubber (is a type of synthetic rubber that is used in many applications, and it can be in contact with the skin for long period of time).

¿Why should we use it?

  • It protects the ears
  • It avoids the hurts of mask and it is easy to deinfectate.
  • It reduces the pain and the pressure of using mask for long period of time.
  • It is flexible and light.
  • It is easy to clean, unlimited reused, maximum comfort and adjustable.

Suitable for all the persons using triple fold mask, during several hours.