Protection hygienic mask, sterilized and re-usable for adults.

This product is made in Spain, and the composition of the fabric is 80% PES (polyester) / 20% PA (polyamide).

The fabric is called 7191 and produced in Textil Santanderina factory, exclusively for mask confection, and so it comply with UNE0065: 2020 regulation and specifications: “Re-usable and hygienic mask for adult and children”, certified under test 2020TM1423 by Aitex.

These are in short, the values obtained:

7191 – Essay UNE65:2020

Aceptance criteria Results in origin* Results after 5 cicles of wash at 60ºC** Results after 10 cicles of wash at 60ºC***

Point 5.2.2

Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE)

>= 90 95,6% 94,2% 90.8%

Point 5.2.3

Breathability: differential pressure (PA/cm2)

<60 21 19 21
  • *Test 2020TM1422, by certified laboratory AITEX
  • **Test 2020TM1423, by certified laboratory AITEX
  • ***Test 2020TM2858, by certified laboratory AITEX

The mask follows the confection rules recommended by UNE0065:2020 rule, and keeps protection and comfort properties after 10 washes.

They don´t need any filter.

The maks can be used 11 times each, avoiding the environmental impact of the disposable face masks. Recommended use instructions are provided in the box together with the mask.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: Due to the high demand of this product, the orders will be shipped in a maximum of 7 working days to guarantee the service to all our customers.

PRESENTATION: they are sold in 10 unit pack and 50 unit box.

VOLUMME DISCOUNTS: discounts available for more than 5, 10 and 25 pack of masks.

GREAT VALUE: the price per use is 0,28€/unit as it is re-usable, compared with 0-96€/unit of disposable mask.


*example of presentation of this product, depending on the composition, volumme and size of the product it could differ.