Protection hygienic reusable masks for adults and kids.

They are made of knitted fabric, the composition is PES (poliester) 55%/TENCEL ™ Lyocell 45%. Soft, light and very comfortable, suitable for using all the year long. Dyed in super nice colours, to combine with your favourite clothes.

They have been developped with SAMBA dyeing process from Asutex company. It is BLUESIGN certified for the chemical products used. SAMBA PES is an ecological process that uses the exact quantity of dyestuff, chemicals and water for every garment, givieng 0 waste in water, and colorants in all the process. Therefore theyd have achieve a delave effect in the colour. Every mask is unic, doing ups and downs in the colour, with a natural aspect like used or vintage look.

They get easily adapted to the face and the subjection is a double band of knitted fabric around the head.

They comply with specifications of the UNE0065:2020 “Hygienic and reusable mask for adults and kids” (after 5 washings) and
UNE CWA 17553:2020 “Community Face Coverings. Guide of minimum requirements, essay methods and use” (Level 70% after 100 washings).

See technical specification and measures: Ficha Técnica.

This is a resumme of the values obtained:

Essays 14683:2019+AC:2019

Aceptance criteria Results in origin Results after 5 cicles of washing at 60ºC* Results after 50 cicles of washing at 60ºC** Results after 100 cicles of washing at 60ºC ***

Pt. 5.2.2

Bacterianal filtration efficiency (BFE)

>= 90 95,6% 93,97% 87,46% 86,76%

Pt. 5.2.3

Respirability: Diferential pressure (PA/cm2)

<60 21 25 26 31


    *Inform 2020TM1246 by certified laboratory AITEX

  • **Informe 20-007797 by certified laboratory AMSLab
  • ***Informe 20-008772 by certificied laboratory AMSLab

The masks confectioned with this fabric keep their properties of protection and comfort after 100 washings.

They don´t need any filter.

The masks are 100 uses each, so we can avoid the environmental impact of the wasted none reusable masks.

PRESENTATION: available in 3 unit pack of 3 diferent colours: natural green, salmon and sky blue. Adult unic size and kids-M (until 9 years).

ECONOMICS: The price per use is 0,08€/mask, as they are reusable; compared with the ones with regulated price of 0,96€/mask.

*example of presentation of the product, as per its composition, volumme of the order and size, the products could differ.


Changes and returns of this mask are not allowed by hygienic and sanitary reasons.

Fore additional info, pls contact: [email protected]