Protection hygienic reusable mask, and sterilized for adults

The composition of the fabric used for this mask is 80% PES (polyester)/20% PA (polyamida).

Our mask are confectioned following the rule UNE0065:2020.

These masks are 11 uses each, so we avoid the environmental impack of the none reusable masks.

As per indications of the manufacturer of the fabric, it complies with the BFE>70% after 50 washings as per CWA17553: 2020.

PRESENTATION: 2 unit-pack

The fabric named 7191 of Textil Santanderina for the confection of the masks comply with the specifications of the rule UNE0065:2020 “Protection hygienic mask, reusable for adults and kids”, certified 2020TM1423 by AITEX laboratory.

This is a resumme of the values obtained:

7191 – Essays CWA17553:2020 Aceptance criteria Results after 20 cicles of washing at 60ºC **** Results after 50 cicles of washing at 60ºC****  

Pt. 5.2.2 (BFE)

>= 70 84,68% 82,72%  

Pto. 5.2.3

Respirability: Differential pressure (PA/cm2)

<= 70 17,6 15,2  

7191 – Essays UNE65:2020

Aceptance criteria Results in origin* Results after 5 cicles of washing at 60ºC** Results after 10 cicles of washing at 60ºC***

Pt. 5.2.2

Bacterial efficiency filtration (BFE)

>= 90 95,6% 94,2% 90.8%

Pt. 5.2.3

Respirability: Differencial pressure (PA/cm2)

<60 21 19 21
  • *Inform 2020TM1422 from certified lab AITEX
  • **Inform 2020TM1423 from certified lab AITEX
  • ***Inform 2020TM2858 from certified lab AITEX
  • ****Inform 20-007037 from certified lab AMSLab

See technical specification: Ficha Técnica

Changes and returns of products when the sterilized bag is opened, are not allowed by hygienic and sanitary reasons.

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