SU&PER emerged as an idea of creating a space to share our day-to-day work at Santanderina Group.
Our textile companies (most of them located in Spain) have been working for a long time towardsthe main goal of offering more sustainable products to the client, always keeping in mind theirperformance (SUstainability & PERformance).

As an industrial group accustomed to working only with companies within our sector, SU&PER allows us to share with all kinds of publics not only our fabrics, but also most of the different products that can be made out of them.

We believe in the great importance and bright future of our industry as well as in our ability to generate innovative and environmentally friendly products in Europe.

All the products that we offer on SU&PER are produced in Spain with either recycled materials (such as recycled polyester from bottles or marine litter) or organic materials (as organic cotton) and they are manufactured using low impact processes.